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Alright, I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve added anything new to my page, but recent events dictate that I do so.  This year has been CRAZY so far, as if last year wasn’t insane enough.  Wrapping up 2011, I worked in Pecos, TX the entire year, and went through 4 vehicles–that pretty well captures it.  However, the most important date in 2011, was by far September 4–the day I met Ms. Shannon Elizabeth Etter.  In the passing days, weeks and months, we have grown closer and happier than I ever thought possible.

As most of you already know, the year 2012 is a Leap Year, and this year has not disappointed, though it has definitely been a roller coaster thus far.  February was a big month indeed–on Groundhog Day, I was t-boned off the road in my new Acura, and only this week did I find out that it is being totaled, which means…NEW CAR!!!

Other notable February events are:  new job in San Antonio, but biggest of all, on February 29, 2012, Shannon and I took a walk underneath the branches of the Century Tree on the A&M Campus at College Station, where I proposed a life changing question.  She said “yes, of course!” and so the planning begins.


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Many of you might have missed it, but it was a couple of weeks ago in the early morning hours December 21st. First one like it in some time–not since the 1600s! For those of you who want a few pics, a cousin of mine managed to snap a few really excellent shots, and I will share them with you here:

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Something I’ve been doing for a few of my customers for quite some time now, I’ve decided to publish and offer to any small companies out there who own and operate Zen-Cart e-Commerce websites. Even if you don’t need a full redesign, I can possibly help with other services–custom sideboxes or other modules, new header/footer graphics, overall site tweaking, backing up of both the site files and database, and break/fix support. I have several years of experience with Zen-Cart and it’s many plugins, and I know the ins and outs. The graphic below outlines some of the basic services I will happily provide.


Saturday, February 28th, 2009 | Author:

Nearing CompletionWow, this last month has FLOWN by!!  As far as the house is concerned, you’ll see below that they lack very little on the outside or the inside.  The whole place looks truly amazing, and I am so very excited to become a homeowner for the first time.  The only little bit on the exterior that they lack is to stain the front door, paint the garage door, and touch up the exterior trim.  On the inside, you will see that the counter tops are laid, the cabinets are built, the doors and trim are in, the tile has been laid, and there is paint on the walls—although it appears they are going to have to repaint a lot of it.  They’ve also installed the sprinkler system and laid the sod, as well as put in the flower bedding with the hedges and the trees are also planted.  I also started to notice something else…The other houses in the neighborhood, and what all they have done to their yards and such, then I realized what “keeping up with the Joneses” really meant.  Especially my neighbor directly across the street, they must have fertilized their yard, because even now when everybody else has dead grass, their yard is bright green, and everything looks very nice.  One day, mine will be the same.  But for now, it sure is looking good!!!